2020 investment in pure water equipment do need how many money?

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-01
2020 investment in pure water equipment do need how many money? Recently got a call from the many friends, everyone is asked a question, 2020 investment pure water equipment built a waterworks need how many money? Must have a lot of entrepreneurs also have this problem. I take you look at the below 2020 investment do pure water need how many money? Pure water market can do? How to do marketing and so on. First of all, let's say a pure water market, as you all know, with the continuous development of urbanization, the drinking water problem has become the concern of the ordinary people, in the countryside, for example, the countryside before the water is well water, taste every aspect is good, but in recent years, along with the groundwater pollution is more and more severe, Wells have already can't drink, tap water taste also is very poor, rural drinking water is now a special water treatment equipment for processing water. Of course, is a direct buy big barrel of water. Purified water for the city not to mention, now every family basically didn't drink tap water, are basically buy pure water to drink, so pure water market is better. Second, investing in a pure water equipment production line about need how many money? We according to conventional is 18 a bucket of water. 9 l, according to 20 l, 200 barrels a day is 4000 l, regular 0. 5 t/h secondary reverse osmosis equipment run for 8 hours, just the reverse osmosis equipment price is around: manual generally 3 ~ 50000 ( The things you want to look good or bad) , 8 ~ 100000, automatic sterilization device 10000, semi-automatic filling 10000 ~ 20000, fully automatic better around 100000, and according to our own needs, is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic, and to the stand or fall of product quotation, the above price is only a reference price, specific to see production configuration and size. Finally, marketing of pure water, there are many ways, in fact it circulation channels, hotel, or dealers mode, as long as it is done, the water believe that the market is not a problem. Both pure water equipment and other equipment, all is according to our own configuration to match the demand, flow chart with pure water production line in the figure below, can be as a reference.
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