2020 outbreak of rural drinking water purification equipment engineering

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-02
2020 rural drinking water purification equipment engineering explosion in 2020 was an extraordinary year, rural drinking water purification equipment engineering in this year there will be a big explosion, as you all know, water security has been concerned by people in the countryside, because of constraints, that in the countryside and no running water, no water pumps, and even doesn't even have electricity, the existing water drinking water purification equipment in order to make the user often convenient, equipment will be placed in high, so that the people in the bottom water have a higher water pressure, but people in the countryside, often need to use the water bucket through human infusion into the purification equipment, it's brought inconvenience to the user, can't satisfy the people used in the production and living needs. In 2019, the central one file explicitly pointed out that to promote the rural drinking water safety to consolidate the project, strengthen rural drinking water sources protection, speed up to solve the rural & other; Draft difficult & throughout; And unsafe drinking water problems. Now not only to let the rural drinking water problems, to solve the problem of safe drinking water, drinking water safety is involved to solve the rural drinking water treatment. In qingzhou area is known to be a lot of water treatment equipment manufacturers, is a professional manufacturer of water treatment, they produce some of the water purification equipment, through the process to solve the water treatment, specific as follows: well after drinking water through variable frequency pump composite filter processing, filter fill the magnetite, quartz sand and anthracite filter material, etc. , using multilevel filter material deep filtering approach to remove residual turbidity, suspended solids, colloidal organic matter in tap water, etc. , water quality has been meet the requirements of water quality. Water directly into the reservoir, using frequency conversion water pressure to point. Above is about the rural drinking water purification equipment engineering some simple introduction, specific how to use equipment for purifying water also need to consult professional personnel, not explain one by one today.
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