4. 5 l specification of aluminum foil sealing machine has become more and more popular?

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-31
4. 5 l specification of aluminum foil sealing machine has become more and more popular? 2019 - 07 - 11 11:29:13 hot summer, feeling a small bottle of water to drink is not enough, drank two and the next to go out to play a ball estimate to a bunch of little bottles, carry a 4. 5 l easy and convenient. A family of three big barrel of water to drink in about a week or so, especially water dispenser bacteria, than to 4. 5 l bottle of water more convenient. 4. 5 l big barrel of water brand more and more, and more and more popular, is how to determine this specification? With the daily drinking water have ties? Aluminum foil sealing filler manufacturer to tell you: as a matter of fact, to drink how much water is different from person to person, different constitution and different condition, different ages of people drinking water is not the same. In general, one drink a day - 1500 2000 ml of water to maintain moisture balance. A glass of water is 200 - Eight glasses of water a day, 250 ml, three best water quantity is just 4 every day. About 5 l. This is also the manufacturer lots for family planning scientific water project. Mechanical production liquid 4. 5 l line filling machine integrating salt bottle, filling and sealing, is a kind of linear filling machine, suitable for 3 l - 10 l mineral water or pure water and pure water or drink not containing gas filling production. Filling machine by PLC control, photoelectric sensor, electric pneumatic, realize automatic intelligent. Filling precision is high, the device USES the food grade of SUS304 stainless steel material, conform to the requirements of the health, stable operation, simple operation, high work efficiency.
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