Advantages of filling machinery

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-19
Advantages of filling machinery 2017-06-12 15:01 Advantages of filling machinery: 1. The body structure is perfect, the control system is simple, the operation is convenient, and the degree of automation is high. 2. The parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, which is hygienic and easy to clean. 3. The filling machine chooses an efficient cap sorting system and has complete protection equipment. 4. Equipped with overload protection equipment, which can effectively protect machinery, equipment and employees, and effectively avoid accidents. 5. The control system actively controls the water level of the material, and stops the equipment automatically when the bottle is stuck. 6. Choose hanging type filling, different bottle types, thick and thin bottles can be used, and the scope of application is wide. Adjustment of the filling machine when changing the bottle type: The filling machine is equipped with relevant parts according to the diameter and height of the bottle type provided by the user, and the test machine is adjusted after installation. If the user replaces the bottle type according to production needs, the following adjustments should be made: When the bottle height changes, the height of the storage tank should be adjusted. When the machine is adjusted, lift the lower guard, loosen the two hexagon socket screws on the clamping ring, and then rotate the rocker arm at the lower part of the rear side of the filling machine to raise or lower the storage tank. After the adjustment is completed, the screws Fix it and use it.
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