Aluminum foil cover machine of correct installation method

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-18
System of aluminum foil cover machine 2019 - the correct installation method 04 - 09 13:31:03 according to the technical requirements to complete the installation of the machine mechanical system of aluminum foil cover half is the guarantee of success, today to share with you the aluminum foil machine of the correct installation method: 1, the aluminum foil cover machine air filtration pressure regulating valve from filling pattern in box, installed on the chassis front box on the right side plate. Put two couplet body oil cup, made good lubricating oil to the horizontal line, about 20 ml, cannot fill. 2, the compressed air inlet pipe insert two couplet body ( Φ 8 tube, & Phi; 10 tube) After open air compressor vent valve, adjust the couplet of the above two knob, the pressure is on the right adjustment, adjust the lift knob, clockwise to increase the pressure and counterclockwise to reduce pressure, adjust the pressure in the 0. 3 - 0. 4Mpa( 3 - 4 kg/C ┫) , the lubricating oil is on the right input, it can be according to fuel consumption about proper rotation, general 10 - After 15 work daily cup of oil, then add. 3, check the aluminum foil machine electrical parts, all connectors are strong. 4, 220 v power supply is connected, and the earth wire connected to ensure safety, the working voltage for safety voltage 24 v dc. 5, put to the filler work stage, the pedal switch pedal a working time, if not feet, equipment can work continuously. 6, through to the oil pipeline, with steel wire hose coupling, and the interface sealing tape, tied with steel, prevent leakage, pipeline is allowed to add filtering equipment. 7, adjusted the aluminum foil machine measuring magnetic switch to the corresponding filling position, the magnetic switch above shall prevail, then filling test, filling a few times more, in clean air in the pipe. After the installation is complete, can the operation of the machine equipment according to the system of aluminum foil cover used for equipment debugging, jinan east remind you that in the process of debugging, must be carefully repeated debugging, to ensure that the weight of the filling product, if there is need to adjust to a certain scale is fixed, so don't often in the later in the process of using scale and the regulation of the filling degree, provides the convenience for operation of the equipment. More enterprise product saves time, head start.
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