Aluminum foil filling machine filling process

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-04
2019 - aluminum foil filling machine filling process 05 - 14 09:40:26 1 filling machine, aluminum foil of atc bin and automatic tube feeding device. 2, on the tube and the pipe blowing clean at the same time. 3, no tube no filling control device. 4, precise automatic to mark, from the bottom of the step motor and topside photoelectric switch to complete. 5, the filling valve with the rotation is made from stainless steel. Filling dose from 5 ml to 120 ml. ( Need more refueling cylinder and piston, the machine factory with only one set) Filling accuracy: & plusmn; 1%. 6, filling the piston stroke can be adjusted. 7, positive closing device and blowing clean filling head device. The blowing can adjust the amount of filling head. 8, automatically filling hose launch device. Consulting aluminum foil sealing machine, filling machine, aluminum foil aluminum foil cover machine, url:
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