Aluminum foil filling machine of choose and buy five big taboo

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-20
The choose and buy the aluminum foil filling machine, 2019 - five taboos 06 - 20 10:26:05 company summarizes the aluminum foil sealing filler used five big taboo, hope to help the masses of customers. 1. Filling machine filling aluminum foil used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical and other industries in the product packaging. Res metal containers and metal cover, more can't counter metal press the start button, otherwise it will damage the machine. 2. Filling machine filling aluminum foil single-phase three-wire system must use the power cord, machine equipped with the fuse for 5 a, unavailability of greater than 5 a insurance instead. May not change the plug, and be sure to ensure the ground is dry, workplace to keep insulation. Equipped with temperature overheating automatic protection function, when the temperature of the machine is overheating, internal buzzer nights & other Abnormal protection ( 专业。 Md。 ) ” The yellow light is lit, then the power should be shut off main switch, standby inner cooling buzzer stopped, continue to work. 3. Induction is an important part of a filling machine filling aluminum foil, keep not overheat, operations such as found in the process of hot should stop heating, after being cooled to work again, Cooling can not pass the power) ,“ To prepare ( 预热) ” When the green light is not bright, do not press the start button, so as to avoid false triggering. After work, please turn off the power switch panel. 4. Machines in use process if there is any discomfort, should immediately consult the manufacturer or the technical staff, because the machine with high pressure, bottom charged, lest the person get an electric shock, cause unnecessary threat. 5. Regular inspection and aluminum foil filling machine parts, such as found that wire bare should stop using the machine, can be used only for maintenance; Equipment can't hit in the process of transportation, storage, use, weight, be affected with damp be affected with damp.
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