Aluminum foil sealing filler - common problem analysis

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-15
Aluminum foil sealing machine 2019 - common problem analysis 04 - 1:24 09:13:46 phenomenon of aluminum foil sealing filler appears phenomenon of the left one is usually excessively high temperature. At this time whether should detect the actual temperature is the specification hose work normally when the required temperature. Temperature display on the actual temperature should be relatively stable in the set temperature ( Normal deviation range between 1 ℃ and 3 ℃) 。 Exists as shown in figure 2: there is the phenomenon of ear: first detects whether the heating head right in heating head nest; And then to detect verticality heating under the head and the hose. Side have ears of another possible reason is two pieces of parallelism of the stern plate has a deviation. Clip tail plate parallelism deviation can be achieved by a 0. 2 to 0. To be inspected 3 mm gasket between the phenomenon of 3: sealing from hose central crack, appear this kind of phenomenon for heating the head size is not enough, please replace the larger heating head. Heating the head size criterion for the heating head inserted inside the hose, then pull out, feel a slight suction comes out. 4: in sealing explosion-proof appear offline & other; Bags & throughout; : that is for heating head to the height of the air flow is wrong, may be adjusted according to the following way. The end of the hose cutting phenomenon 5: tail: middle sag appear this kind of problem is usually due to the size of the tube cup is wrong, tube in tube cup card too tight. Judgment standard: hose tube cup size should be fully stuck inside the tube cup, but when the clip tail, tube cup should not affect the natural changes in the shape of a hose.
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