Aluminum foil sealing filler filling quantitative methods

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-13
Aluminum foil sealing filler 2019 - when filling the quantitative method 04 - 16 10:00:07 liquid quantitative generally USES volume, have adopted quantitative weight. Volume quantitative control level of quantitative method, quantitative cup method and quantitative pump quantitative method. Quantitative generally USES electronic weight measurement. This method is through the control were the height of the liquid level in container in order to achieve quantitative filling. Every time the aluminum foil sealing filling filling liquid volume equal to a certain height of the bottle inside cavity volume, so also called it & other; With quantitative bottle & throughout; 。 The structure is simple, does not need auxiliary equipment, easy to use, but for the quantitative accuracy demanding products should not be used, because the bottle's volume precision directly affects the accuracy of filling quantity. This method is first injected liquid into quantitative cup quantitatively, and then the measurement of fluid injection for bottling, therefore, every time filling volume is equal to the volume quantitative cup. This is a kind of pressure method is used to filling the quantitative method, controlled by the power piston reciprocating motion, from material storage cylinder suction piston cylinder, and then push the filling in the container, each filling amount is equal to the volume of the piston in cylinder material. In addition, and using a soft film layer under the action of gas pressure, the material from the cylinder suction pouring material room, and then into the container. Electronic measurement is a weight measuring and filling valve with two different sizes of liquid, the liquid through the liquid, the liquid weight is measured by the load sensor in real time, when close to filling the liquid filling quantity, filling valve can be converted to small flow loop, until the filling to the specified amount. The device display reset before bottling, container weight measurement deviation, reset, has no influence on filling amount, so the filling quantity of precision is very high. When filling quantity change, as long as the given value, change data switch can be instantaneous, easier to realize the centralized management of the production.
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