Aluminum foil sealing filler to improve strength and stiffness of structure design

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-14
Aluminum foil sealing filler to improve strength and stiffness of structure design, 2019 - 07 - 11 11:31:46 1. Avoid the aluminum foil sealing filler loading point and support point distance 2. Avoid cantilever structures or reduce the cantilever length 3. Don't ignore the work load can produce beneficial effect of 4. The vibration load of the parts to avoid friction force 5. 6 avoid institutions of unbalanced force. Avoid only consider the transfer way of single 7. Should not be ignored at work parts deformation effect on the stress distribution of 8. Avoid iron castings by the large tensile stress. Avoid thin rod bending stress of 10. Avoid excessive stiffness 11 by impact load parts. By varying stress components to avoid surface too rough or have Nick 12. With varying stress parts surface should avoid to have residual tensile stress in 13. By changing load components should avoid or reduce the stress concentration of 14. Avoid impact strength of the local structure are too close to 15. To avoid the same direction of deformation of pre deformation and workload 16. Wire rope pulley and drum diameter is too small 17. Avoid wire bending times too much, pay special attention to avoid repeated bending 18. When hoisting wire rope with drum connection place to leave room 19. Can not force in the middle of the components should try to avoid stress 20. Try to avoid wrong installation time axis of the additional force
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