Aluminum foil sealing filler why can reduce the time cost?

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-17
Aluminum foil sealing filler why can reduce the time cost? 2019 - 04 - 20 09:46:30 filling speed and equipment for aluminum foil sealing filler used the centrifugal pump of the intimate relationship, because of the cooking oil filling depends on the speed of a centrifugal pump, through a single pump control single filling head can improve the filling speed, thus effectively improving the production speed. Plus cylinder parts, such as the equipment of the filling efficiency is also increased to a new level. Controlled by a pump a filling head, this is the benefits of each filling head has independent control system. Filling head damage is more common in the filling equipment is also a very headache problem, once appear, fault maintenance must stop filling work. While long pump unit with separate control system, so you can shut off failure location, will not affect the filling work. So since product maintenance convenient, also avoid the loss of business interests. Of course, in addition to long pump filling equipment has many advantages, since going public with outstanding performance and good mouth, the community technology is quickly occupy the market.
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