Aluminum foil sealing filling quantitative filling machine will use two ways

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-15
Aluminum foil sealing filling quantitative filling machine will use two ways - 2019 05 - 22 10:00:10 aluminum foil sealing filling machine based on PLC programmable control system, by weight of the needle on the production process planning policy instruction for operation key mechanical equipment. The basic principle of its operation is: the container after entering motor 1, 2, the scale body electric drum will be work together, the photoelectric sensor K1 will receive signals to the container, make the motor in block 1 case; When photoelectric sensor K2 detected signal after container, under the effect of PLC, make the scale electric roller in discontinuous platform and peel measurement, there are surely electric drive down to its position, after the switch signal K3, PLC control over open in an all-round way. In the process, assuming that filling valve is in open condition, filling procedure will be activated. Assumptions to reach the set value, the electromagnetic valve will be preliminary work, thus driven to end up, until you reach the filling requirements, after filling valve is in closed condition. In the same way, K4 filling process will be in the same homework, until the end of the entire process. In general, about liquid quantitative filling will use two different ways: 1) solvent method; (2) weighing method. Briefly speaking, is the volume may be quality specification, measurement, ensure the accuracy of filling in a safe condition. In the process of requirement is more serious. The above two ways has its advantages and disadvantages, can combine different products and equipment level, summarized the comparison, select more suitable way to, in order to ensure the quality of filling and efficiency improvement.
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