Aluminum foil sealing machine disinfection and rinse after use

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-16
Aluminum foil sealing filling machine disinfection and flushing of the 2019 - after use 04 - 12 09:40:33 aluminum foil sealing device matters needing attention of filling machine 1, machine when unpacking the case, first check to see if random technical data completely, the machine is damaged in shipping, in order to handle in time. 2, will feed components and discharging components according to the book to clarify the contour graphic device and recuperate. 3, will all smooth points to smooth the new oil. 4, with handle rolling machine, check whether the machine work in the right direction, Face of motor spindle for counterclockwise) , the machine is necessary to maintain the grounding. Disinfection and flushing of the aluminum foil sealing machine 1, unscrew the upper and lower set screws, split bet all the disinfection system, or remove the disinfection cleaning separation. 2, put into the liquid pipe at boot cleaning cleaning fluid. 3, 500 ml model in practice there may be errors in the filling, must stop before the formal filling with measuring cylinder. 4, aluminum foil sealing filler with needles, 10 with standard 5 ml or 10 ml syringe, 20 with 20 ml glass filling machine, the type 100 with 100 ml glass filling machine. Use matters need to pay attention to in 1, because the aluminum foil sealing machine is automatic equipment, thus easy pull a bottle, bottle, cap size requirements. 2, the aluminum foil sealing machine before driving it is necessary to use first shake handle rolling machine, observe its rolling if there is a different shape, concluded that identifies the normal driving. 3, adjust the machine tool to use proper, ban with the tool of excessive or too hard to demolish parts to avoid damage to parts or affect the machine function. 4, when adjusted to the machine, must be good will loose the screw tight, with shaking handle rolling machine observation after the action is in accordance with the requirements, was able to drive a car. 5, the machine is necessary to keep clean, the prohibition on the machine oil, liquid, or glass beads, avoid forming machine loss, therefore, it is necessary to: (1) the machine in the process of production, timely eliminate solution or glass beads. The various parts of the machine surface shall be cleaned before 2 succession again, and in all the activities section and a clean smooth oil. (3) have thrown to wipe once a week, especially in common use were not easy to wipe clean the place or with compressed air blowing off.
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