Aluminum foil sealing machine equipment operation

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-26
Aluminum foil sealing machine equipment operation considerations - 2019 07 - 05 13:29:26 1, aluminum foil sealing filler filling, should be always metering pump running for 3 minutes, turn inside bubble row, ability accurate filling quantity. 2, a long time, does not remove such as tube bubbles form filling quantity is not on time, the primary reason is that a piece of air leakage, pump fluid channel can check total metering pump piston in the cylinder seals, silicone head in the check valve and other tapping up and down. Hold more, such as liquid slag quality check card piece in valve check valve closing is not complete, will stop filling. 3, aluminum foil sealing bottle filling machine is equipped with the lack of standing before the machine protection, when unscramble bottle tooling box with only 2 pieces of track, the micro switch, automatic stop filling automatic suspension, trouble lamp this right now, if you want to continue filling, can be manually and automatically switch to manual, the machine operation.
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