Aluminum foil sealing machine operation of the note

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-11
The operation of the aluminum foil sealing filler note - 2019 05 - 1, aluminum foil sealing 10:06:05 filling machine operation personnel should read this manual carefully, after the arrival of the goods after their training qualified professionals before operating the machine, non-professional personnel shall not operate the machine. 2, the machine of various protection shall not be arbitrarily dismantled or banned, so as not to damage the machine and personnel. 3, if necessary please do not change the factory set parameters, in order to avoid machine working instability or misoperation, must change the parameters for the aluminum foil sealing filling machine set original parameter records in order to reply. 4, when the machine is running, please close all Windows and doors, so as to avoid personal contact damage by mistake. 5, the debugging process, the observation Windows protection will be banned, but must be familiar with the machine motion state of professional personnel to operate. 6, installed a don't will stop, removal of power supply, air and water; Split the assemblies to avoid attaint parts do light, light. 7, aluminum foil sealing filling machine, sealing machine essential points after a trial, inching test to determine correct rear can boot, to prevent injury machine accidents. 8, hose heating must press a few tips, before start the host and the cooling water, or heater blowing out hot air may work hot plate on the tube of the cup and the heater on connection of the cooling water pipe, cause damage; Heat is turned off, supply air fan delay work for actual temperature heater supply air fan to stop working when dropped below 60 ℃, cooling water continue to work, after being heater is cooled sufficiently to 30 ℃, can shut down the host power supply and cooling water, so as not to waste heat cause damage to the parts. 9, click on the touch screen when need to gently with the hand, not too hard or instead of finger with good thing so as not to damage the touch screen. 10, organic glass observation window and glass components shall not use organic solvents or try hard to wipe, lest damage affects transparency. 11, inspection standard and inspection pipe sensor lens try to wipe with clean soft cloth aluminum foil sealing machine to avoid damage.
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