Aluminum foil sealing machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-17
Aluminum foil sealing filler - 2019 03 - 29 15:49:54 this machine is mainly used for HDPE bottle of aluminum foil sealing filling operations. This machine can be customized, such as filling, aluminum foil sealing function in a body, the whole process of automation, suitable for HDPE filling juice, coconut milk, coconut milk, etc. The machine with a temperature control device. Applicable bottle type adjustment of each part adopts rotates, easy, convenient and quick. Filling way adopted a new type of micro pressure filling, the filling speed is faster and more stable, so with the output of the machine is higher than the specifications of the machine, benefit is bigger. The machine adopts the advanced OMRON programmable controller ( PLC) To control the machine to run automatically, bottle feeding chain adopts frequency converter speed control, made in conjunction with the host inverter into the bottle is more stable and reliable running. The circulation of the photoelectric detection components, so a high degree of automation, easy operation. It is the ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers.
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