Application analysis of packaging machinery

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-05
Application analysis of packaging machinery 2017-05-31 16:20 Niu Lan Machinery provides you with filling machinery and other packaging machinery. The following is an analysis of the packaging industry. Through the analysis of many packaging machinery, most of the packaging machinery of the enterprise is Automata, which not only has the common characteristics of general automata, but also has its own characteristics. The main features of packaging machinery are: 1. Most packaging machinery has complex structure, fast movement speed and high movement accuracy. In order to meet the functional efficiency, the rigidity and surface quality of the parts have higher requirements. 2. The packaging machine used for food and medicine should be easy to clean, and the parts in contact with food and medicine should be made of stainless steel or chemically treated non-toxic materials. 3. The power of packaging is generally small, so the electric power of the packaging machine is small. 4. Packaging machines generally use stepless speed changers, so that the packaging speed can be adjusted flexibly and the production capacity of the packaging machine has also been improved. Because there are many reasons that affect the quality of packaging, such as the working condition of the packaging machine (the movement of the mechanism, the temperature and humidity of the working environment, etc.), the quality of packaging materials and packaging, and so on. Therefore, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the machine and meet the requirements of quality and production technology, the packaging mechanism is generally made steplessly adjustable, that is, a stepless speed change device is used, and some parts are still adjustable. 5. Filling machinery is a professional packaging machinery, with various types and limited production quantities. In order to facilitate production and repair, and reduce equipment investment, attention should be paid to versatility and versatility in the construction of various filling machines.
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