Application scope and process of purified water production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-07
Application scope and process of purified water production line2019-01-02 15:09 Application scope of purified water production line: drinking purified water production line, purified water equipment, bottled purified water production line, purified water production line, purified water bottled production line, purified water filling line , Pure water filling production line, fully automatic pure water filling production line. Features of the purified water production line: The purified water production line consists of a series of products such as purified water treatment equipment, automatic bottle washing machine, atmospheric filling machine, automatic capping machine, sleeve labeling machine, heat shrinkable film packing machine and finished product conveyor. Advanced technology, complete system, reliable performance and easy to use. 1. The rinsing bottle adopts the stainless steel flip type, the bottle clamp does not touch the part above the screw of the bottle mouth, and the inner wall of the bottle is flushed sufficiently without dead corners. 2. The filling adopts advanced gravity filling principle, with accurate filling accuracy, fast speed and stable production capacity. 3. The capping is a high-precision equipment in the three-in-one machine, which ensures that the cap is stopped when there is no bottle, and the loss of the user cap is reduced. Filling production line. Auxiliary equipment: pure water treatment equipment, bottle blowing machine, bottle unscrambler, bottle drying machine, sleeve labeling machine, labeling machine, film wrapping machine, cartoning machine. Suzhou Niulan Beverage Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of purified water production line equipment.
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