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by:NEWLINE     2020-08-30
Automatic aluminum foil sealing filler - - - - - - - Characteristics of 2019 - 03 - 15:52:44 automatic aluminum foil sealing filler - 29 - - - - - - Characteristics: 1, the whole machine adopts card bottle hanging run configuration design, which make the bottle stable, reliable, high speed running condition. Few changes, can be quickly and easily implement different bottle production need. 2, a new generation of stainless steel tilting bottles clamp, make clamps and screw thread bottle above part does not contact, bottle clamp with shower, to wash the bottle of any part of the wall. 3, USES the advanced micro gravity type negative pressure filling principle, filling fast, stable and accurate. Silos is fully enclosed structure, there is the function of temperature control and automatic reflow, and provide the CIP cleaning interface. 4, this function satisfies the requirement of hot filling technology under 95 c. In front of the block is equipped with the R bottle. O. Water washing device, ensure the bottle no moldy phenomenon. 5, adopt hot aluminum foil sealing structure, automatic cover standards, copper iron head cover sealing tight and beautiful. 6, the whole machine adopts the man-machine interface, PLC computer control, touch screen button there is lack of cover, overload protection and alarm device, can timely detection and troubleshooting, high degree of automation of production. 7, and material contact parts adopt high quality stainless steel, the main electric components and pneumatic components adopt international famous manufacturers. It can customize according to customer request specific models and production
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