Automatic barreled production lineAutomatic barreled water filling machine production line

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Automatic barreled water production line Automatic barreled water filling machine production line 2018-08-17 08:43 Automatic barreled water production line uses secondary filling method to complete the filling, using atmospheric gravity filling machine. The filling valve is a new type of filling valve. During the filling process, when the detection switch detects that there is a barrel, the flap cylinder moves upward, and the imported pump starts to start. At the same time, the water pneumatic valve is injected, and the empty barrel enters the flushing station to start flushing. After the flushing is completed, the filling cylinder moves downwards to open the filling valve to start filling; when the filling time signal is input to the PLC, the filling inlet valve is closed, and the small flow continues to replenish the filling for two seconds. After finishing, the filling cylinder moves upwards and the filling valve closes automatically; then the conveyor chain starts, and the five-gallon barrel is sent to the cover by the conveyor chain. It is controlled by the time relay to achieve the high-quality filling effect of accurate liquid level, no water spraying, no waste of finished water, and no bottle expansion. The empty barrel flushing process of the automatic barreled water production line is divided into three processes: alkaline liquid decontamination agent (internal and external flushing), disinfection water (internal and external flushing) and pure water (internal and external flushing). Alkaline water and disinfectant water can be recycled. The entire process of flushing, filling and capping adopts a PC programmable automatic computer control system, which can generate the operation of the barreled water production line with one button. This equipment has safety devices such as interlock, signal, and self-test. Rinsing, dripping, filling and capping are combined into one host. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, with reasonable structure, convenient operation and accurate action. It is the ideal equipment for the current barreled water production line. Fully automatic bottled water production line cap pulling machine: used to transfer untreated empty barrels to the lid pulling and brushing machine through manual or machine placement and transportation. The lid pulling and brushing machine automatically detects that there is a barrel through light-controlled induction and pulls the lid. The grab automatically stretches and grabs the lid. After the lid is grabbed, it falls into the pre-set lid collector. After the lid is collected uniformly, it can be sterilized and sterilized in the barrel for repeated use, which reduces the cost. Automatic bucket brushing machine: The empty bucket after pulling the lid is conveyed by steel and enters the automatic inside and outside bucket brushing machine. The brush is used to brush the inside and outside of multiple buckets to brush off the contaminants remaining inside and outside. The rotating brush rotates at a high speed. , The brush is made of soft material, and the bucket will not be scratched at the same time, so as to ensure that it will not cause damage. The internal canning structure of the automatic bottled water filling machine: the large barrel is conveyed by the internal flushing head, and after the water filling valve is lowered, the filling system runs, the filling valve is aligned with the bottle mouth and inserted horizontally, and the water valve is activated , Start filling water, after filling, the filling head leaves and returns to the top, and the bottled water is transported out through the steel chain. Fully automatic barrel washing and filling machine: the barrels after brushing are conveyed and conveyed by the washing and filling machine. The upper machine platform is used to rank the upper barrels. When the number of barrels reaches the set number, the upper barrel table will be empty The barrel is turned over at 90 degrees, the flushing head is inserted into the barrel mouth, the water valve starts to discharge water to rinse the barrel, and the foreign objects inside are washed off, and the water is drained after washing. The flushing head drives the empty barrel to the bottom of the filling module. Automatic bottled water production line heat shrinker: manually adjust the sealing film to the bottle mouth, and seal the film tightly through the heat shrinker. The sealed bottled water has a storage time, which is conducive to short-term storage and a certain period of time. Sales. The bottled water equipment produced by Niulan Packaging Machinery provides a bottled water production line for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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