Automatic empty can depalletizer and automatic palletizer

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-06
Fully automatic empty can depalletizer and automatic palletizer2017-09-11 16:48 Niulan Machinery provides you with a beverage production line. The following is an introduction to the automatic empty can depalletizer and automatic palletizer Depalletizer This model is mainly used for unloading tinplate cans and aluminum cans. The empty cans stacked on the pallet are pushed layer by layer from top to bottom onto the net conveyor, and then transported by The machine is transferred to the empty tank spray washing machine, which replaces the manual tank discharging method and saves manpower. Excellent performance: 1. Replace manual cans and traditional empty can unloading machines, which can save a lot of labor and improve production capacity. 2. Using a programmable computer control system to improve the accuracy of mechanical actions and easy operation. 3. The pallet lifting table is self-locking lifting, and the pallet stacking machine adopts the air cylinder to lift, and the action is stable. 4. The push tank mode can choose continuous action or single cycle action, and the operation adaptability is high. 5. Suitable for unloading tinplate cans and aluminum cans of various sizes. The automatic palletizing system of automatic palletizer is suitable for various industries, such as food, beverage, chemical industry, mining and paper industry, etc.; its purpose is to replace manual handling with mechanical force, and replace manual manual control with automatic control, especially in high-speed production. Under the circumstances, the production line can be smoother, which can improve efficiency, reduce space, reduce labor costs and tidy product stacks. For different packaging methods such as cartons, paper bags, iron drums, shrink film bags, etc., we can provide functional designs based on product characteristics; provide palletizer placement and trend suggestions in accordance with customer factory configuration.
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