Backflow technology and backflow control of beverage machinery

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-29
Beverage machinery's backflow technology and backflow control Return from the outer pipeline of valve V4 to UHT to re-heat and sterilize, effectively controlling the filling temperature. This process is called external reflux. 2. Reflux during the filling process During the filling process of beverage machinery, the filling state and stability of different materials are different, which not only affects the filling speed, but also prone to half-bottle phenomenon. Niulan Beverage Machinery generates a certain negative pressure through an exhaust fan, which quickly sucks the air and foam away from the bottle during the filling process, which not only increases the filling speed, but also solves the half-bottle phenomenon, while effectively avoiding The bottle bulge and material spillage caused by other filling methods are eliminated. 3. The reflux inside the filling valve in the state of no bottle is stopped due to various reasons during the filling process, which may cause the temperature of the upper cylinder and the material in the valve to decrease. At this time, the material through the return passage inside the filling valve can still flow according to the filling process at a certain flow rate, so that there are new materials in the upper cylinder and the filling valve, so that the temperature of the material in the upper cylinder and the filling valve Keep it within the required range to meet the requirements of real beverage hot filling. 4. Control of back flow The control of back flow is a very important and key technology for beverage machinery, and it is indispensable. Too much reflux will cause repeated heating and sterilization of the material to change the taste and flavor of the drink, and even affect the internal quality of the drink. In the Niulan mechanical filling machine, the return flow is controlled by the externally operated valve opening cylinder on the filling valve, the valve closing cam, the exhaust fan and the electrical control system. When there is a bottle, the cylinder moves when the valve is opened, and the filling valve is opened by rotating the outer joystick. After the material in the bottle reaches the required liquid level, the valve-closing cam closes the filling valve and stops filling; The valve does not fill. Moreover, the valve-closing cam can also adjust the valve-closing position according to the characteristics of the material and the filling state, which can really effectively control the return flow during the filling process.
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