Beverage filling machinery has entered the era of rapid development

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-25
Beverage filling machinery has entered the era of rapid development Large, heavy equipment, high equipment cost, high procurement cost, now with our technological development, more and more filling production lines tend to increase. At the same time, more and more companies began to pay attention to and use the filling machine production line. The development of the beverage machinery market has promoted the rapid development of the beverage filling machinery market, bringing opportunities, competition and challenges to the industry. In the next 3 to 5 years, the beverage market will develop existing juices, teas, bottled water, functional beverages and carbonated beverages, which will be low-sugar or sugar-free beverages and natural and other healthy beverages. 'The demand for more diversified products and more differentiated packaging' has become the development trend of the beverage industry, and the product development trend will further promote the development of differentiated beverage filling machinery. For a long time in the future, the domestic beverage filling machinery market has a bright future. Beverage filling machine is mainly a kind of small packaging machine product. From the perspective of packaging materials, it can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine; from production automation to semi-automatic Filling machine and automatic filling production line. There are three major packaging categories: bags, hoses and bottles. The choice of beverage filling machines is closely related to packaging. High-tech, high-reliability, high-speed, high-yield, multi-functional beverage filling machinery has become the current development trend. Foreign filling equipment leads the direction of new technology. In terms of beverage filling machinery and equipment, the manufacturing level of the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom is relatively high. These equipments present a new trend: multi-functional, the same equipment can be hot filling of tea, coffee, soy beverages and fruit juice beverages; high-speed, high-yield, filling speed of carbonated beverage filling machines up to 2000 fillings/min. The filling valve of the non-carbonated beverage filling machine is 50-100, and the filling speed can reach 1500 fillings/min. High-tech, high reliability, high comprehensiveness and high comprehensive efficiency. Online measurement equipment and complete measurement equipment can automatically detect parameters and measurement accuracy. A new high-tech product integrating machine, electricity, gas, light and magnetism. As the market changes, domestic beverage filling machinery is also growing. Domestic beverage filling machinery manufacturers need to develop fast, low-power, and low-cost packaging equipment, while beverage filling machinery and equipment manufacturing companies have future product updates. Or the proportion of packaging machinery production lines will increase, especially in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries where the demand is greatest. Comprehensive development of domestic beverage filling machine production lines. China's beverage filling machine equipment is basically the introduction of equipment and technology developed on the basis of the 1980s. More than 300 beverage filling machine production lines have been introduced, including more than 500 beers. Filling production line. This encourages pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers to reduce product costs as much as possible when producing packaging machines, and to use low-cost parts to improve product price competitiveness. Now, filling machinery, especially medicine, beverage filling machinery has the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high automation and reliability, the current trend of filling machinery industry. With the opening of the market and China’s beverage machinery industry speeding up the process of integration with the world, high-end products compete in the international market, and the safety and technology of beverage machinery products around the world will become the mainstream in the future. The development of high-end beverage machinery will enter the fast lane. The construction of domestic brands will bring positive energy to play, and independent innovation as the driving force for quality improvement and high-end product development will win more consumer recognition in the market and share high value-added market cakes. Due to the level of the beverage filling machine, the overall performance of the entire equipment is poor. Beverage filling machinery manufacturers have limited comprehensive strength in the research and development of the entire production line. Some independent development is good, but the imperfect development of supporting equipment has greatly reduced the performance of the entire production line. In the high-end market, most companies have only one device to meet user needs; many of the projects undertaken are in the role of supporting suppliers, and the market competitiveness is very poor. The beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry in my country mainly imitates the development of foreign equipment through technology introduction and drawing. For decades, this process has been repeated: reverse-introduction-imitation-backward. At present, it is rare for a few companies with independent research and development capabilities to have truly internationally advanced core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.
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