Beverage machinery auxiliary equipment

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-26
Beverage machinery auxiliary equipment 2017-10-27 14:42 Niu Lan Machinery provides beverage machinery (glass bottle washing machine, glass bottle sterilization machine). Bottle washing and sterilization is an essential part of beverage production. Glass bottle washing machine is combined with this machine The advantages of domestic and foreign machines are designed according to customer experience. Suitable for water and gas cleaning of glass and plastic bottles; cans of different diameters and heights can be used according to customer needs. It is suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry and other industries. This machine is mainly composed of a clamp, a conveyor, and a steam cleaning device. It can be connected to the filling machine into a line or can be separated separately. The bottle is conveyed by the bottle clamp to the cleaning system. The machine adopts an advanced filter system and a solenoid valve to control the switch to save water. The main part of the machine is fully stepless motor control with advanced international technology. This machine has compact structure, small floor space, good energy-saving effect, simple operation, good reliability, and convenient maintenance and adjustment. In order to avoid damaging the shape of the bottle, we use silicone bottle clamps. The glass bottle drying and sterilizing cabinet has a heater, a stainless steel appearance, and the machine design and manufacturing process meet the production requirements of food equipment. The opening is large and the shell material is visible. The contemporary choke microwave leakage detection device is equipped with an automatic power-off protection switch for the door. The microwave generator is set on the heater to make drying and sterilization more uniform; the overall appearance of the equipment is compact, beautiful, and smooth, and has a small footprint; high reliability, and the exhaust air adopts a wet circuit system design, which is not only conducive to maintaining material temperature And humidity is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the heating device inside the microwave generator.
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