Beverage machinery industry advances to high-end

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-27
Beverage machinery industry is advanced to high-end 2017-01-24 11:05 my country’s beverage machinery and equipment were imported from abroad in the early 1980s, and have developed to today, which can fully meet the needs of domestic beverage manufacturers. It is a way of technology introduction, digestion and absorption, independent innovation, and gradual positioning. Compared with foreign advanced technology, China's beverage processing still has the disadvantages and weaknesses of incomplete product specifications, poor complete sets, low automation and control levels, unstable performance, and fewer single applications of advanced technology. International trade is frequent, foreign beverage machinery giants have poured into the Chinese market one after another, and the acceleration of foreign companies buying Chinese companies has made the weaknesses of domestic machinery companies more obvious. The current beverage machinery industry has begun to advance to the mid-to-high-end level, shifting from traditional workshop-style manufacturing to brand-based corporate design. Brand-name products are becoming more and more popular with new middle-class consumers. However, the narrowness of domestic development thinking makes the entire industrial chain unable to extend, and it is difficult to form a systematic and serialized development. The lack of brand awareness makes the domestic beverage machinery industry unable to give birth to famous brand enterprises and star products. It is expected that the beverage machinery market still has the potential for permanent development in the future. In addition, the development trend of beverage machinery is toward higher precision, higher speed and quality, and beverage machinery and equipment are becoming more and more large-scale, so as to adapt to the large-scale production of the beverage industry in order to obtain better economic benefits. The mechanical and electrical integration of beverage machinery, more use may gradually become an important trend in the future development of beverage machinery. To take the road of green and efficient integration, enterprises must first take a resource-saving road, change the development model, abandon the single and extensive development model, and improve the product quality and competitiveness of high-end beverage machinery enterprises. As the market and China's beverage machinery industry open up to the world, accelerating the internationalization of high-end products will be the height of market competition, and beverage machinery product safety technology will be the mainstream in the future. The development of high-end beverage machinery will enter the fast lane of rapid development. This shows that high-end will be the only way for the development of my country's beverage machinery.
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