Beverage machinery market status and three major development trends

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-30
The status quo of the beverage machinery market and the three major development trends 2017-01-24 15:22 When the weather is hot, the Chinese New Year and the holidays, the market demand for beverages will rise, and beverage companies will also increase production at the corresponding time. So, which type of beverage are consumers more inclined to? What kind of production equipment should the enterprise introduce to the consumer's tendency? The development of the beverage industry has also driven the development of the national economy on the one hand, and has made due contributions to improving the living standards of the socialist people. It is believed that the market for beverage machinery in the market environment of diversified beverage needs will also There is a new development. The continuous segmentation of the beverage market also puts forward more and higher requirements on beverage machinery. Beverage machinery is used to manufacture various beverages. Generally, a production line is composed of many machinery to process various beverages, such as water treatment equipment, bottle washing machines, filling machines, sealing machines, sterilization equipment, and so on. Beverage machinery was produced with the emergence of the beverage industry and developed with the development of the soft drink industry. The current status of the beverage machinery market. First, the growth rate of the health category within the beverage industry is stable, while the non-health category performs poorly. Due to the current rich material life and rising consumption levels of residents, consumers are increasingly concerned about health. Therefore, in terms of product consumption, they also tend to choose healthy beverages, such as drinking water, fruit and vegetable juice, vegetable protein beverages, herbal tea, and sports drinks. Carbonated beverages and tea beverages with high sugar content are no longer as popular as before. In this way, participants in the domestic beverage market should make product adjustments in accordance with the preferences of consumers, so as to stabilize the market. The second situation is that health-preserving and healthy beverages are gaining momentum, and participants in the industry and outside the industry are constantly entering. The emergence of rock sugar pear, herbal tea, etc. has led the health-preserving trend in the beverage industry, and companies are now choosing this development direction. For example, in the development of honey grapefruit tea and loquat lung lung tea by enterprises in the industry, most of the non-industry enterprises are the intervention of pharmaceutical companies such as Taiji Group, Tiansheng Pharmaceutical, and Zhongxin Pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical companies join the ranks of health and healthy beverages and have multiple advantages such as Ru0026D and raw materials. However, the beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry are different from competition to terminal. Pharmaceutical companies entering the ranks also need to consider challenges while considering the prospects. Status three: The market structure of most categories within the beverage industry has basically been determined, and the barriers to entry are relatively high. For example, in the packaged drinking water industry, Master Kong, Nongfu Spring, Wahaha, and China Resources account for more than 70%; in the juice beverage industry, Master Kong, Uni-President, Huiyuan, and Coca-Cola account for more than 60%; Red Bull in the sports beverage industry is even one. Dominate. It is quite difficult for new entrants to achieve certain achievements in the categories where the market structure is basically determined. In this case, it is better to create a new product category, so it may be able to break into a world. At present, there are three major development trends in domestic beverage machinery: Direction 1. The higher the demand for production power, the better. This can reduce the cost of goods and meet the delivery time. The high-speed packaging machine needs to be connected to the previous process without any handling links, including control connections. The entire production line must be placed in reverse order according to the production and packaging processes, and the next stop is the next stop. For example, the cold-filling production line from the automatic on-line of plastic raw materials to beverage filling and large package palletizing are all automatically carried out in a closed workshop. The second direction is to make product updates and changes more flexible. Packaging machinery must be highly flexible and flexible. The production line promises to change the size of the packaging within a certain standard range. Because the life cycle of the product is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, changing the product and packaging will not exchange valuable packaging production lines. Direction three, need to have the function of automatic identification. On the one hand, it can automatically identify the thickness, hardness, rebound force, etc. of the packaging materials, and through the computer response to the rugged adjustment of the manipulator to ensure that it does not rebound. On the other hand, a variety of different commodities, such as chocolates or snacks of different shapes, are packed in the same box, and their placement is regular. The products delivered by the production line are disordered. You can scan with a probe to determine the orientation of materials with different shapes, and then respond to different manipulators. It will accurately place the items into the tray in the correct orientation and direction, quickly and Accurate, clean the eyesight of manual operation and fatigue of fingers. Beverage machinery companies need to grasp the current popular beverages at any time, adjust product structure, and research and develop in time to seek breakthroughs in new products. Recognizing the development trend of the beverage industry and making targeted competitive strategies or launching new products can help companies respond to the market more smoothly and freely.
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