Beverage machinery-the form of automatic bottle washing machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-03
Beverage machinery-the form of automatic bottle washer 2017-01-24 13:44 According to the degree of mechanization, it can be divided into manual beverage machinery, semi-mechanized beverage machinery and automatic bottle washer beverage machinery. Manual and semi-mechanized bottle washing machines are relatively old-fashioned. Generally, all the three bottle washing methods mentioned above are used, but they are single-machine operation with simple structure and small production capacity. If the soaking is mainly a soaking tank, manually operate the bottle in and out. The simplest bottle brushing machine uses a motor to drive one or two (symmetrical) brushes to rotate, manually remove the bottle from the soaking tank, insert it into the rotating sub, and brush the inside of the bottle. Rinse the brushed empty bottle with pressure water, and drain the bottle with its mouth facing down. Manual bottle washing can be combined with a soaking tank and a bottle brushing machine. There are many types of automatic bottle washing machines, and their basic feature is to perform one, two or three of the aforementioned three bottle washing methods in one machine until the bottles are completely washed. The automatic bottle washing machine can be divided into single-end type and double-end type according to the flow direction of the bottle in the machine and the way of entering and leaving the bottle. The single-ended type is the in and out of bottles on the same side of the bottle washing machine, also known as the back and forth type. This type of space is compact, the conveyor belt has no empty stroke in the machine, and the heat energy utilization rate is high. Only one person is required to operate, but it is easy to clean the bottles again. Pollution. The double-ended inlet and outlet bottles are located at both ends of the bottle washer, also known as the straight-through type, with an empty stroke on the return stroke, and the space utilization rate is lower than that of the single-ended type, but it has good hygiene and reliability. Automatic bottle washing machine is divided into immersion brush type, immersion spray type, and spray type according to the bottle washing method. Soaking and scrubbing is to soak the bottle and then use a rotating brush to clean the bottle. Generally, there are two types: brushing for both internal and external washing and spraying water for external washing only for internal washing. This method has a good cleaning effect for bottles without oil stains, but is not suitable for bottles with oil stains. The immersion jet type is continuous soaking and jetting through several hot water or lye soaking tanks, or soaking and jetting cleaning at intervals. This form of maintenance is easy and is currently used in many applications. The jet type has no soaking tank and only uses jet cleaning, which is simple and low cost, but it uses more pumps and high power costs. It is generally used for deformed bottles and various types of bottles of different specifications. Suitable for low- and medium-capacity machinery.
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