Beverage production line conveyor-roller conveyor line

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-24
Beverage production line conveyor-roller conveyor line2017-09-25 15:54 Niulan Machinery provides you with a beverage production line. The roller conveyor line is the conveying link of the beverage production process. The roller assembly line uses a roller to drag the working plane to convey movement to achieve production Process purpose. The assembly line adopts a combined assembly mode, and the number of stations and the distance between rollers can be set according to process requirements. Roller conveyors are suitable for conveying items with a flat bottom, and are mainly composed of driving rollers, frames, brackets, and driving parts. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed, and brisk operation, which can realize multi-variety co-line shunt conveying. It is easy to connect and filter between roller conveyors, and multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special machines can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system and a split and confluence system to complete various process needs. The accumulation roller can be used to realize the accumulation and transportation of materials. The roller conveyor has a simple structure, high reliability, and convenient use and maintenance. The power roller line considers the tensile strength of the chain, and the longest single line length generally does not exceed 10 meters. The turning chain conveyor/chain conveyor line/chain plate assembly line is widely used in the automatic conveying, distribution, and after-sales In-line conveying of road packaging. The chain conveyor can meet the requirements of single-line transportation of beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment, and meet the requirements of large-scale feeding of sterilizers, bottle storage stations, and cold bottle machines. The tail is made into an overlapping mixing chain, which makes the bottle (tank) body in a dynamic transition state, so that no bottle is retained on the conveying line, and can meet the pressure and pressure-free conveying of empty and solid bottles. It can be washed directly with water or soaked in water directly. The equipment is easy to clean and can meet the hygienic requirements of the food and beverage industries. As part of the beverage production line, the roller conveyor line plays an important role in beverage production.
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