Bottled water production line composition and process flow

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-23
The composition and process flow of bottled water production line2018-12-01 09:56 The bottled water production line is first of all water treatment equipment. The raw material required for production is raw water is essential. For the production of bottled water, pretreatment equipment It is indispensable. The first step of the barreled water production line is pretreatment. For the pretreatment equipment, its main process is to pre-treat the raw water to improve the quality of the water supply, so that the raw water can be processed to produce bottled water. Water quality requirements reduce and delay membrane pollution in equipment and extend membrane life. The pretreatment equipment mainly targets microorganisms, bacteria, colloids, organic matter, heavy metal ions, fixed particles and free chlorine that enter the water. After this part of the pretreatment, the pretreated raw water meets the water inlet requirements of the reverse osmosis device. It can also be said that the pretreatment equipment is a preliminary filtration for the reverse osmosis membrane filtration equipment, so that the raw water can be pretreated. Ensure better and stable operation of the reverse osmosis device. The equipment for pretreatment of this part is mainly composed of sand filter, carbon filter, water softener and security filter. (1) Sand filter: filter out sediment, impurities, and suspended solids in the water, and reduce the SDI (pollution index density) value of the raw water. (2) Carbon filter: has a dual role, one is adsorption; the other is filtration. Filter out chemical organics, heavy metals, chroma, peculiar smell, residual chlorine, etc. in tap water to improve taste. (3) Water softener: Through sodium-type cation exchange resin exchange treatment, it removes calcium, magnesium and other scaled ions in the raw water and removes the hardness of the raw water. (4) Security filter; removes fine particles with a turbidity of more than 1 degree to meet the requirements for water ingress in the subsequent process;
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