Bottled water production line design must pay attention to the focus of performance

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-19
Bottled water production line is divided into eight parts: automatic pull cover parts, automatic brush barrels, automatic transmission parts, automatic bottle washing bottle disinfection parts, automatic filling, automatic cover casing pressure cover parts, lamp inspection, automatic heat shrinkable product transmission parts. Below small make up for you to introduce how bottled water production line work, ensure that you will not be cheated when buying products. 1. The raw water filter you need to first via activated carbon filter, and then through the microporous filter. Activated carbon filter is mainly used for organic contaminants in water and the water molecules form colloidal particles of impurities, and remove the vision in the clear water color, odor, etc. Microporous filter as the fine filter and aseptic process equipment, it can filter out the filtrate, gas of 0. 01 microns above particles and bacteria. Its characteristic is high capture ability, large filtration area, long service life, high filtration precision, small resistance, mechanical strength, no stripping phenomenon, strong acid and alkali resistance, easy to use. 2. Prepare pot cylinder block, cylinder head, impeller, feeding port, discharging valve adopt stainless steel material of SUS304 or 316, according to GB741 - 80 technical conditions, the inner surface mirror polishing to Ra 0 or less. 28 mu m, outer surface primary inferior smooth inferior smooth, mirror, sandblasting, or the cold rolling mill, the cylinder body inside impeller, the mixing effect. Nozzle is equipped with level gauge ( Static pressure type, capacitance type, non-contact type, ultrasonic type, glass tube) , air breathing, thermometer ( Digital display type or dial) , CIP cleaning mouth, sight glasses, explosion-proof lamp ( Endoscopic view lamp integration) , SIP sterilizing mouth, liquid in and out of the mouth and sanitary manhole, etc. 3. The so-called ozone sterilizer is to use strong oxidizing and reach the purpose of sterilization. Ozone is a strong anti-oxidant, its bactericidal action is higher than chlorine 15 ∽ 30 times, under a certain concentration of 5 ∽ 10 min, ozone for a variety of fungi can reach the level of sterilization. 4. Aseptic filling machine widely used in fruit juice, fruit pulp and jam for liquid food aseptic packaging. Can be stored at room temperature, the product more than one year. Low temperature refrigerating transportation costs and risks. Aseptic filling machine attached directly to the sterilizer, direct filling after sterilization. 5. Packaging test is, according to the relevant provisions of the contract, standards, and other test for goods packing and marks. Packing inspection first check on the packaging of goods ( Marks, number, etc. ) Whether are in conformity with trade contract. For goods mainly test whether the outer packing is in good condition, packaging materials, packaging and packing trade etc is in line with the requirements under the contract. External packing damage of goods, to make a test, in addition to find out the responsibility and damage degree of damage. For the damage of the goods to check whether it caused by poor packing. Inspection to the packing of the goods, in addition to the packaging materials and packaging method must conform to the trade, the standard stipulated in the contract, should also inspect the export goods inside and outside the packaging is solid and complete, dry, clean, whether is suitable for long distance transportation and to protect the habit of goods quality and quantity requirements. Inspection of the packing of the commodity inspection authorities for import and export commodities generally sampling or testing on the spot, or by scale weight at the same time combined. 6. Product packaging requirements in good condition, no extrusion, damage phenomenon, and the date on the outer packing, words, pictures, bar code must be clearly visible, after inspection of the finished product may be out of the mineral water factory. Bottled water production line design must pay attention to key performance: the determination of key to commodity, consumption and marketing three aspects of the relevant data comparison and choice, choose the fundamental point is to improve sales. Focus mainly includes the choice of a brand, commodity itself and the consumption object from three aspects. Refers to the concentration in content. Bottled water production line design in the limited within the picture, this is the limitations of space. At the same time, the bottled water production line is in the sales in a short time for buyers to know, this is the limitations of time. The limit of time and space requirement bottled water production line design cannot blindly perfection, trying to put everything up equals nothing. Placed in the center of the picture visual zui needed for bottled water production line main content and graphics and text. Some well-known trademark or brand products can be used as trademark or brand as the key, some have a prominent feature of the product or bottled water production line of new products, can use the product itself as a key, some pertinence of goods to the user. Bottled water production line can be with consumers related to the point. In short no matter how to behave, want to express clearly, with emphasis on the content and information. Key areas for performance is actually solve the problem of bottled water production line positioning design.
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