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by:NEWLINE     2020-08-24
Bottling factory quality household 2019 - to speak 06 - 27 09:25:42 by filling machine, the focus of research for filling machine has carried on the systematic improvement. In the whole production line, filling accuracy directly affects the quality of the product, and even affect the late product sales, in the whole machine, filling control system includes bus technology, the programmable control technology, data set, sensor technology, high-speed counting technology, etc. , is the core of the whole equipment, design reasonable, advanced software and hardware configuration in place, is a top priority, especially in terms of accuracy control, can control the in & plusmn; 0. Best within 1%, the speed can reach every three barrels of the best. Ensuring the quality of our product's packaging. Both filling machine and sealing machine and other packaging equipment, with the person's feeling is mixed and disorderly, strong enterprise industry lack of strength, a high degree of imitation, and large and scattered, small and scattered, let our filling machine has formed the situation in which a fragmented, this not only caused the resource waste greatly, also seriously restrict the development of the whole filling machine industry. And canned technology does not pass to our production and sales has a certain influence, often appears on the market because of the dispute caused by short in weight, with packaging, make our products more flashy, part has already started to complain about is the fault of the packing of, so the filling machine for short in weight of the market also has the unshirkable responsibility, filling machine needs to improve the filling precision, do not let us filling precision is poor. The arrival of summer, with the increasing demand for people to drink, filling machine is gradually changing, gradually grow up. Filling machine type is complete, from liquid filling machine, to the whole bottling production line have done everything, to satisfy the different customer's demand. The general customers the support, also let us move forward in the footsteps of the more force. Now the company in all kinds of system is also gradually perfect, powerful promoted the development of the industry. And now the company's products have been covered in various industries, products sold at home and abroad, the high precision of filling machine is selected,
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