Carbonated beverage automatic filling production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-10
Fully automatic carbonated beverage filling production line 2020-10-09 16:21 For most customers, how to choose a practical carbonated beverage filling machine seems to be a headache. Because this is very important in future use and production. According to data, more than 166 billion liters of carbonated soft drinks (CSD) were consumed in 2014. This means that the average person drank nearly 142 litres of carbonated soft drinks throughout the year. The formula of carbonated drinks packaged in PET is about 40% composed of sugar, colorings, flavors, etc., which is the same as the canned formula. Taking into account the re-sealability and recyclability, liquid manufacturers can find the environmental protection and cost-saving benefits brought by PET. Today we will analyze for you. Our filling machine production line can be divided into 3 modules: cleaning part, filling part, and capping part. The cleaning part is specially designed by 304 stainless steel, and the bottle clamp does not contact the threaded part of the bottleneck, which avoids secondary pollution. The filling part is also 304 stainless steel design, which is easy to control the filling valve switch. Its high-speed, large-flow filling valve can ensure high filling speed and accurate liquid level. The capping head of the capping part has a scale, which is easy to adjust and count. And the equipment is automatically controlled and easy to operate, only 1-2 workers are enough. The carbonated beverage filling machine adopts a reliable, easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain plc system and pneumatic control system. The whole process of bottle washing, filling and capping can be closed, thus effectively preventing the secondary pollution of pure water or mineral water filling. If you want to buy a practical carbonated beverage filling machine, please feel free to contact Niulan Machinery. We provide automatic carbonated beverage filling machine, carbonated water filling machine, carbonated beverage filling machine, carbonated soda filling machine, beer filling machine for filling Coca-Cola, spirits, soda, champagne, cocktail wine, Beer, wine, and alcohol are for example in PET, glass bottles, soda cans and tin cans.
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