Chenyu Beverage Machinery Vacuum Capping Machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-28
Niulan Beverage Machinery Vacuum Capping Machine2017-11-02 10:38 Niulan mainly develops and manufactures beverage machinery. The following is an introduction to the vacuum capping machine. 1. The vacuum capping machine adopts advanced working principles and technology, combined with automatic discharge Lid, positioning and vacuum screwing. High degree of automation and convenient operation; 2. The capping torque and vacuum degree can be set as required to ensure that the vacuum degree is absolutely up to standard; 3. The vacuum capping machine is suitable for capping a variety of round bottles with strong compatibility; 4. Niulan Beverage Machinery adopts stainless steel design, and its components are easy to adjust; 5. Adopt international famous brands of electrical and pneumatic components to ensure stable, reliable and durable performance of the equipment.
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