Classification and production line of filling machines

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-14
The classification and production line of filling machines 2021-03-17 13:15 The series of products produced by Niu Lan Beverage Packaging Machinery are mainly used in purified water, mineral water, juice, tea, hot-filled beverages, functional beverages, carbonated beverages, and carbonated beverages. Beverages, rice wine, cocktails, daily chemical detergents and other liquid beverage filling production. Nearly 20 years of experience in beverage production line equipment research and development and manufacturing have allowed Niulan Machinery to provide solid filling production line equipment for beverage production companies, water plants, and daily chemical packaging companies. 1. According to the current domestic daily bottled water consumption and production characteristics, Niulan Packaging Machinery has launched a complete set of water filling machinery suitable for production in small water sources, which can produce 350ml-10L bottled water equipment. The main water filling equipment includes: mineral water filling production line, pure water production line, large barrel water production line, small bottle water filling production line, and customized pre-sales and after-sales service of a complete set of automatic water filling production lines for water filling companies. The series of water filling equipment has a wide range of varieties and high cost performance. 2. With the gradual expansion of the domestic juice\tea\milk beverage beverage market, Niulan Beverage Packaging Machinery has developed a series of small juice and tea beverage equipment through market analysis. The main hot-filled beverage equipment are: juice, black tea, green tea, Grapefruit tea beverage production line, functional beverage production and filling equipment, vitamin beverage production line, sports beverage filling production line. These filling machinery and equipment can be combined with downstream packaging machinery to form a fully automatic tea beverage production line. 3. So far, carbonated drinks have brought special taste to people. Among them, the carbonated drinks of Coca-Cola and Pepsi are popular among people. For the domestic market, Niulan Machinery has developed a variety of sparkling beverage production line equipment, mainly including soda production line, sparkling beverage processing equipment, carbonated beverage production line, sparkling beverage filling machine, cola filling production line equipment, and beverage mixing machine. A complete set of equipment for carbonated beverages. 4. After analyzing the market, Niulaan Beverage Packaging Machinery has developed other filling machine series, mainly including: edible oil filling machine, condiment filling machine, soy sauce filling machine, daily chemical filling machine, etc.
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