Cocktail filling machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-21
Cocktail Filling Machine 2020-12-12 11:20 Cocktail Filling Machine is a new generation of fully automatic filling machine introduced and absorbed by Newland Machinery. It adopts piston quantitative, integrates electromechanical and pneumatic, and is controlled by PLC. It has reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, high filling accuracy, strong adaptability, simple operation and convenient maintenance. 1. The failure rate is low, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is long; 2. The contact with the material is made of stainless steel, which is easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and meet the sanitary requirements; 3. The filling volume and filling speed are easy to adjust, with no The bottle does not fill function, the liquid level is automatically controlled to feed, and the appearance is beautiful; 4. It can quickly adjust and replace bottles of different shapes and specifications without replacing parts, which has strong applicability; 5. The filling nozzle is equipped with an anti-drip device to ensure filling No drawing, no dripping. 6. The machine is welded by stainless steel square tubes and inlaid with stainless steel plates. The whole machine is durable, corrosion-resistant and does not rust. 7. The machine adopts a sealed frame structure to prevent dust pollution, realize dust-free filling, and clean and hygienic. 8. This machine adopts custom-made filling valves to realize umbrella surface filling, which effectively reduces foaming during liquid filling. After filling, it has a unique sealing method to achieve no dripping during filling. 9. This machine adopts an external high-definition touch screen, a friendly man-machine interface, simple operation, manual and electronic adjustment of the filling volume, effectively reducing the intensity of manual labor. 10. The filling head can be adjusted according to the size of the package, suitable for a variety of bottle types, effectively saving production costs, and the filling head can be fastened with screws for quick and easy adjustment. 11. This machine adopts high-precision photoelectric sensor switch, which automatically senses the position of the package, which can realize an automatic filling machine, no bottle no filling. The automatic liquid filling machine is a fully automatic liquid filling equipment independently developed and produced by our company. The whole machine is welded by SU304 stainless steel and has a beautiful appearance. The parts of the fuselage adopt domestic first-line brands or imported products, the whole machine runs stably and the quality is reliable. This filling machine can be wired separately, and can also be used with other automatic semi-automatic equipment such as sealing machine, inkjet printer, labeling machine, etc. to form an automated production line. Isobaric filling machines are commonly used for filling aerated beverages, such as beer, soda, sparkling wine, etc. The principle is that the pressure in the bottle to be filled before and after filling and the pressure in the silo are equal and greater than atmospheric pressure, so it is called equal pressure filling. First, keep the page stable and the liquid level level, and then use the PLC to calculate the adjustment time while the gravity is equal to realize the adjustment of the filling volume.
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