Common faults of pure water filling machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-09
Common faults of pure water filling machine2017-01-24 11:25 First of all, let’s talk about the causes of inaccurate filling or no discharge of pure water filling machinery: 1. Speed u200bu200bthrottle and filling Whether the interval throttle valve is closed and the throttle valve cannot be closed; 2. Whether there is any foreign matter in the quick installation three-way control valve, if so, please clean it, whether there is air in the quick installation three-way control valve and the skin tube of the filling head, if If there is air, try to reduce or eliminate the air; 3. Whether all the sealing rings are damaged, if damaged, please replace with new ones; 4. Whether the valve core of the filling nozzle is jammed or delayed in opening, if there is jam, please change Reinstall the spool in position. If the opening is delayed, the thin cylinder throttle valve needs to be adjusted; 5. The elastic force of the up and down compression coil springs in the quick-installed three-way control valve, adjust the elastic force of the spring, if the elastic force is too large, the check valve will not open; 6. Whether the filling speed Too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve to reduce the filling speed; 7. Check whether all the clamps and hose buckles are sealed well, check and correct; 8. Whether the magnetic switch is loose, please lock it after adjusting the volume each time . Secondly, there are the following reasons for the pure water filling machine material from the rear end of the cylinder: 1. Whether the cylinder is in the center of the cylinder bracket, if there is any change in the cylinder, please re-install the position; 2. Whether the cylinder piston and piston rod Tighten it, if it is loose, please lock it; 3. Whether the O-ring of the cylinder piston is damaged, please replace it if damaged. Once again, the pure water filling mechanical material cylinder piston does not return after being pushed to the top due to the following reasons: the position of the flow magnetic switch, press the emergency stop switch, and readjust the flow magnetic switch. Finally, the pure water filling mechanical cylinder does not work due to the following reasons: 1. Whether the fuse is burned out, if it burns out, please replace it with a new one; 2. Whether the emergency stop switch is pressed, turn the emergency stop switch to make it Return to the original position; 3. Whether the O-ring of the cylinder piston is sticky, which makes the piston stuck, replace the O-ring seal; 4. Whether the filling valve core in the filling head is stuck, reinstall the valve core; 5. Whether the air source and the power switch are turned on, turn on the power and the air source switch; 6. Whether the two magnetic switches are intact, and if they are damaged, please replace them with new ones; 7. Whether the barometer meets the requirements and whether there is any gas source entering the machine, Please connect the air source and make sure that the pressure reaches the requirements; 8. Whether the cylinder piston is stuck, reinstall the piston; 9. Fix the position of the magnetic switch, and the magnetic switch must be fixed at the back of the cylinder so that the cylinder can work Location, cannot be moved.
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