Cooking oil filling machine pneumatic component maintenance

by:NEWLINE     2020-06-24
Cooking oil filling machine pneumatic components maintenance shandong filling machinery is a collection of scientific research, production, sales in the integration of filling equipment manufacturer. Specialized in filling industry more than ten years, the quality is absolutely, after-sale guarantee. Can need according to manufacturer design is suitable for the equipment manufacturer, reliable quality, high credibility, reasonable price, perfect after-sale service system. Below we together to learn about cooking oil filling machine maintenance of pneumatic components. Cooking oil filling machine superior performance depends on the interaction between various components, pneumatic original is one of the important parts of cooking oil filling machine. So the original cooking oil filling machine pneumatic maintenance is closely related to the machine work. 1. Always check after normal use cylinder, cylinder water filters and oil mist device in the system. Water gas in a timely manner. 2. Stepless speed regulating motor maintenance, new purchase the stepless speed regulation of motor in use after 100 hours, a new oil should be replaced; Use after 500 hours, the second oil change; After again, every 100 hours using in oil at a time. 3. No special circumstances, the user do not remove the governor at random, lest destroy the transmission accuracy, produce risk. When must hurt, should first start speed regulating motor, speed will be dispatched to more than 800 r/min, and then remove the front end cover. 4. Don't impact the output shaft. 5. In the environment of the cooling conditions is poorer, should add the cooling device. 6. When the stepless speed regulating motor surface temperature over 90 ° c or appear abnormal noise and vibration phenomenon, please stop check. 7. Note it is forbidden to speed during downtime. If you want to know more information about cooking oil filling machine, please pay attention to our website hope the above information will be helpful to you back: the trend of the development of fruit wine filling machine next page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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