Correct operation procedures for filling machine equipment

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-14
Correct operation procedures for filling machine equipment 2021-03-05 15:59 1. Check before use Before starting to use, please make sure that the power plug of the charger has been connected to the 380V power supply and the case is grounded. Ensure that the air pressure of the filling machine is normal. Check whether motor and bearing lubrication is required. It is strictly forbidden to run without oil. Start the machine only after normal. Observe at the same time. Whether there are material chain plates on the conveyor belts of all liquid storage tanks, whether there are foreign objects on the conveyor belts, whether there are bottle caps on the storage cap track, whether water, power and air sources are connected, all liquid storage tanks have a material chain plate . Whether there is a foreign body storage cover on the conveyor belt, whether there is a bottle cap, whether water, power and air are connected, and whether each fastener is connected. If the parts are loose, ensure that the operation of each part is stable before normal use ,Wait patiently. 2. Check whether the safety equipment is operating normally. Check whether the valve of the reaction tank and the pipe of the filter unit are tightly connected, whether the filter cloth of the filter unit is damaged, and whether the cover is covered with a fastening bolt to ensure that there is no leakage. Packing pressure. Check all connection lines related to the filling machine to ensure that there are no broken skins, short circuits and other defects. 3. Before the machine is started, whether there is water in all water tanks, whether the chain plates are fixed, whether there is debris on the conveyor belt, whether there is a bottle cap in the storage box cover, water source, power connection air source and air source under various conditions After the standby is ready, turn on the main power again, turn on the power indicator, and turn off the fault indicator and emergency stop indicator, and the start conditions are met. Press the start button on the control box, and then press the start switch at the charging point, the buzzer will beep three times. After the warning, the whole machine starts to work and enters the fully automatic working mode of washing, rinsing and filling. When the machine stops, press the stop button on the charging position and the control box, and cut off the main power after stopping.
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