Description of the screw cap part of the filling machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-16
Description of the capping part of the filling machine 2017-11-11 16:10 The filling machine is a self-designed and produced bottle washing and filling machine with high working efficiency, advanced technology, beautiful shape and complete functions. Filling machinery is mainly used for the filling production of fruit juice drinks, purified water, mineral water, and carbonated drinks. Description of the capping part of the filling machine 1. The capping part will screw the cap arranged by the capping device to the bottle that has been filled, and send it to the next process by the conveyor chain; 2. The capping selection of the filling machine The reducer drives the turntable to rotate. Make the lid leave the hopper from the lid outlet under the control of centrifugal force. There is a positive and negative cover separation device at the exit. When the reverse cover passes through, the cover automatically falls into the return pipe, and the reverse cover is automatically blown into the hopper by wind. And only the front cap can enter the chute smoothly. The number of caps in the hopper is automatically checked by the photoelectric switch to control the cap conveying machine, so as to ensure the best condition of the cap. When the front cover enters the slideway, you can enter the cover feeding tray smoothly. In order to avoid accidents, an anti-reverse cover dial device is installed on the slideway at the same time to ensure that the cover that enters the cover feeding tray is error-free. Install it on the slideway. There is a pair of photoelectric buttons, when it is detected that there is no cover, it will actively suspend the operation of the host.
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