Detailed introduction of barreled water production line

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Detailed introduction of the bottled water production line2017-12-15 09:55 The water consumption of the bottled water production line is mainly concentrated in the bottled water filling equipment, including the flushing and filling of the empty barrels, through the hourly water consumption of these two parts Choose the water treatment equipment of the corresponding size according to the quantity, and select the corresponding water treatment equipment according to the water quality test report. Whether it is pure water or mineral water or mountain spring water containing mineral elements, the pre-treatment filtration equipment is roughly the same, generally including: quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, precision filter, the main difference lies in the core treatment Equipment, the production of pure water uses RO reverse osmosis technology, and the production of mountain spring water and mineral water uses ultrafiltration or nanofiltration technology to retain the mineral elements present in the source water. The filtered water enters the ozone mixing tower, uses the strong oxidation of ozone to eliminate all bacteria, and then uses the titanium rod filter to filter out the bacterial corpses, and then the finished water is introduced into the barreled water filling equipment for washing and filling. Installed. The barreled water production line includes: automatic cap puller (automatically pulls off the lid of the recycled empty barrel), empty barrel leak detector (detects whether the empty barrel is damaged, this equipment consumes a lot of air, the real intention is not large, and it is in actual production Rarely equipped), automatic inner/outer bucket brushing machine (to brush the inside, the surface and bottom of the bucket), automatic bucket loading device (automatically send the empty bucket into the inside of the bottled water filling machine), bottled water filling Equipment (used to sterilize, rinse, fill and cap empty barrels), barrel lid sterilizer (to sterilize barrel lids), in/out barrel transportation, light inspection equipment (visual inspection of the finished barrel water Existence of impurities), steam shrink film machine (after manual covering of the film, the high-temperature steam generated by this equipment is used to shrink the film at the barrel mouth), bucket bagging machine (after the automatic barrel is lifted, the bag is manually covered), etc. Series of automated barreled water production equipment. Among them, optional equipment: automatic capping machine, online lid disinfection machine, automatic filming machine, automatic bagging machine, palletizing equipment. At present, the output of barreled water production line equipment provided by our company can reach 150 barrels/hour, 300 barrels/hour, 450 barrels/hour, 600 barrels/hour, 750 barrels/hour, 900 barrels/hour to 2000 barrels/hour. If the initial capital is relatively short, in order to reduce the investment risk, a semi-automatic small bottled water production line can be selected, which mainly includes a semi-automatic lid-drawing and brushing barrel machine, a 150 barrels/hour barreled water filling machine, barrel delivery, light inspection equipment, Steam shrink film machine. According to this formula, the output of 150 barrels per hour can also be met, but the labor intensity will be increased. The barreled water production line can be divided into three steps of washing, filling and capping according to its functions. The working process is as follows: (1) The empty barrel mouth rod is inserted into the delivery barrel for support, and the empty barrel gap moves the chain to move one station. At this time, the empty barrel is upside down and the barrel mouth and barrel body are rinsed. (2) There are three processes in the rinsing process: the first is clean water, the second is disinfectant, and the third is sterile water (mineral water) rinsing. After rinsing, there is 10S time for dripping water. (3) The cleaned net bucket rotates 45 degrees down with the chain, and the plastic bucket slides out by itself, and then the top bucket cylinder turns the bucket upward 45 degrees, so that the empty bucket is placed in the filling position for filling. (4) The filling valve is pushed into the barrel by the cylinder, and the automatic exhaust filling valve is opened one by one for filling. The filling time is set by PLC, and the filling time can be corrected by using the multi-function buttons on the panel according to the liquid level. , In order to achieve a high-quality position. After filling to the liquid level, the excess water is returned to the pure water tank through the automatic exhaust port to reduce the waste of pure water. (5) After the filling is finished, the filled barrel is pushed to the capping station by the barrel-out cylinder, and the cap is pressed when the next step is filled, and the whole production process is over. The bottled water production line of Suzhou Niulan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has a leading role in the country and provides bottled water equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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