Development of Bottled Water Quality Technology

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-23
The development of bottled water quality technology 2018-10-23 13:10 Industry insiders believe that the future bottled water production line will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, and the technological development will move towards diversification of mechanical functions, standardized structural design, modularization, and control. The development of liquids in several directions such as intelligence and high-precision structure has once again proved the huge market potential for the development of bottled water production lines. The quality and safety of bottled water production lines also affect the safety of bottled water. However, the annual sampling inspection of bottled water has a low degree of qualification, and there is a problem of excessive fungi, which makes consumers lose confidence in the safety of bottled water. This requires bottled water equipment manufacturers and bottled water manufacturers to work together to continuously improve the defects of the equipment and improve the technical level of production. Due to the continuous expansion of market demand, there are very high requirements on the production efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, many beverage companies have upgraded their own barreled water production line equipment, or added filling production lines, which also gives barreled water. Water production line production enterprises provide space, but if the technology of foreign advanced barreled water production line is still very obvious compared with ours, this requires us to continuously upgrade and transform our own technology, only when the technology can meet the needs of the enterprise Only then can we have a place in the high-end market.
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