Energy-saving and recyclable, high-tech and intelligent

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-06
Energy-saving, recyclable, high-tech intelligence 2017-01-24 14:48 Through simulation, the introduction of modified plastic technology, capital, and global procurement, the production level of my country's beverage packaging machinery can be quickly carried out with the level of industrial design. However, the appearance of foreign companies' monopoly still exists. At the same time, many companies are not focused on producing a single product. The demand for packaging machinery is not limited to only one variety. It is not difficult to predict that the mainstream development direction of the packaging machinery industry in the future should be energy-saving, recyclable, high-tech and intelligent. At present, the vertical packaging machine, secondary packaging machine, bag-feeding packaging machine, heavy bag packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, packaging production line, automatic weighing machine and other packaging technology levels made in China are in the forefront of the world. Of course, the world packaging technology must be realized. Still need to continuously improve the level of research and development and optimize packaging technology.
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