Features and introduction of purified water production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-08
The characteristics and introduction of the purified water production line 2019-04-11 13:57 As the backing of the purified water production line is very important, the purified water treatment equipment to produce purified water must choose a place with better raw water quality. Such as mountain springs, deep wells, etc. A very important index involved here is 'conductivity'. Generally speaking, the lower the conductivity, the purer the water. The water treatment processes currently used are all reverse osmosis systems. The treated water can generally reach a salt rejection rate of 90%-99%. Features of the purified water production line: 1: This series of equipment is used for the production of non-gas beverages such as various juices, fruit wines, mineral water, and purified water in polyester bottles, and realizes rinsing, filling and sealing on one machine. 2: Introduce Japanese and Italian technology, adopt pressure type fixed liquid level filling principle, fast filling speed, stable liquid level control, no dripping phenomenon. 3: Spring-type flushing tongs, the empty bottle is flipped along the track, and the inside and outside are flushed in two ways, and the bottle flushing efficiency is high. 4: Magnetic cap screwing head is adopted to realize the functions of capping and capping. The screwing torque is steplessly adjustable, and it has the function of constant torque screwing and sealing the plastic cover, and the cover is not damaged, and the sealing is tight and reliable. 5: The whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen buttons (electricity can be designed and installed according to customer needs), with automatic control of the liquid level in the material tank, no bottle no filling, no bottle no capping and other functions. Inverter stepless speed regulation, production capacity digital display, adjustment is extremely convenient. Suzhou Niulan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of pure water production line equipment.
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