Fierce competition in the beverage packaging machinery industry

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-04
Competition in the beverage packaging machinery industry is fierce2017-01-24 10:18 At present, most of the domestic beverage packaging machinery industry is still based on single-machine packaging. With the development of domestic enterprises, beverage packaging machinery is far from meeting market demand, and domestic beverage packaging machinery It is still in the stage of imitating foreign products, causing the beverage packaging machinery industry to cause confusion in the market. With the changes in market demand, packaging machinery will be pulled farther and farther. With the reform of the world economic system, the production model with labor productivity as the main method can no longer meet the development needs and development of existing enterprises. Mechanized production has been accepted and used by many enterprises. The development of the packaging industry also requires a large number of mechanical equipment. In order to satisfy production, promote the development of beverage packaging machinery. Looking at the entire packaging machinery industry, we found that the overall technical level of domestic packaging machinery is insufficient, unable to keep up with the needs of the society, and unable to produce advanced equipment. In addition, the development of the industry has not yet been well planned, and the government lacks corresponding macro-control, resulting in the relatively backward development of domestic packaging machinery. Looking at the world’s advanced packaging machinery, its packaging machinery manufacturing fully reflects the characteristics of networking, greening, precision, flexibility, intelligence and globalization; development with strong characteristics of the times, focusing on the application of science and technology, Let them continue to introduce new and advanced packaging machinery. Due to fierce market competition, beverage packaging machinery companies must continuously adjust the industrial structure, improve the level of technology, research and development capabilities, and increase the speed of product updates. The competition will follow the survival of the fittest, so that we can abandon those bad companies and promote the development of the domestic packaging machinery industry towards a healthy law. Living in this era of competition, we must work hard not to be eliminated by society, and we must work hard to move forward. Therefore, China's beverage packaging machinery companies actively participate and strive to stand out in the industry.
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