Filling cap unscrewing machine screw cap yet too-loosely aligned

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-16
Filling cap unscrewing machine size yet too-loosely aligned to do filling machine is widely used in the market, it is time saving and efficient characteristics favored by the market recognition, now many companies have chosen to use filling cap unscrewing machine, because of its simple operation, high precision, but the traditional filling cap unscrewing machine mechanical friction plate in screw cap yet too-loosely aligned, it is also a very important problem in factory. How to solve yet too-loosely aligned in the process of filling cap unscrewing machine screw cap? Filling cap unscrewing machine screw cap yet too-loosely aligned processing method: 1, the screw cap machine for connecting the power cord and power box; 2, good connection power supply, power box indicator; 3, left hand put the caps on the clasp is mouth; 4, the left hand held the screw cap of the bottle; 5, his right hand clenched cap unscrewing machine, screw head vertical alignment bottle cap; 'When the noise of the can, according to the tightness of screw cap, screw LIDS don't press too hard; 7, adjusting cap tightness can be adjusted by the distance between the screw head and screw machine adjustment nut, tighten the distance, the greater the cap spin too tight, the nut, the smaller the distance, cap screw loose. Is above seven method according to the filling cap unscrewing machine yet too-loosely aligned, hope can help to the enterprise, the filling screw cap machine utilization rate is high, with the continuous development of science and technology, the prospect is very considerable, the development of science said filling cap unscrewing machine mechanical will be constantly updated and improved, China's packaging machinery industry to get out of China to the world. Tags: filling cap unscrewing machine back: full automatic filling machine performance to improve the next page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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