Filling machine instructions

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-22
The filling machine related instructions - 2019 05 - 25 09:49:13 filling machine filling, cover, screw cap, out of the bottle in a body, is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical, medical, food, chemical, and other professional tincture, syrup and the filling of all kinds of wine, oil, etc. 1. Filling machine structure: mainly by the conveyor belt, dial, screw cap body, filling head, chute, turntable, electromagnetic oscillator, metering pump, etc. 2. The working principle of the filler ( 1) Filling: bottles through the conveyor belt to dial to suspend the filling head below the block forward, the four filling head after CAM synchronous down to the bottle inside, four quantitative piston pump control the load end filling. ( 2) Cover: cap oscillations are generated from the electromagnetic oscillator, make the cover up the chute, after falling on the path to the bottle. By pressure LIDS tight cap again. ( 3) Screw cap: after filling the bottle through the conveyor belt to send to the wheel, wheel after Geneva wheel box for intermittent work. When carrying on the cover of the bottle to screw cap at the bottom of the box body for intermittent suspend resistance, screw LIDS through CAM down and clockwise rotation, and then drive the screw cap tightly. 3. Operation: (1) machine first look at the outside power supply before work and native cohesion is correct, the machine work is normal, the machine on the fastener is loose, fall off; (2) the adjustment of the rotary table: first loosen the two bolts on rotary gland, scroll wheel, to make it. A bottle of groove center azimuth alignment bottle of center position, then tighten bolts; (3) wheel and screw LIDS of synchronous adjustment: the host work, wheel intermittent motion, as each bottle of groove center aimed at the center of the bottle holder do stop, screw LIDS should be synchronous press, press time can be adjusted by the host to end the CAM on the drive shaft, adjust just loosen the fastening screws on the CAM, when adjusted to the appropriate location to determine; (4) metering pump measuring adjustment: first loosen the manipulation of the nut. Then the left-hand or Shi Xuan recuperates the bolt, to adjust the measurement range; (5) in the oscillator in just the right amount of cap and make the delivery of trajectory is full of bottles; 6 a total power switch, press & other; Host point move & throughout; Button, make the filling head is raised; All landowners opened the oscillator switch, put the bottle cap to the oscillator guide exit; Today start shipping with switch, the empty bottle to bottle filling head; Pet-name ruby by engine start button, the host, start filling and screw cap; Attending yield to shut down the machine, stop in the following order: the host end & ndash; — Screw cap suspension & ndash; — Oscillator off & ndash; — Shipped with suspension & ndash; — The total power off.
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