Filling mechanical bottle unscrambler improves production efficiency

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-17
Filling mechanical bottle unscrambler improves production efficiency2017-01-24 10:30 Niulan filling mechanical unscrambler arranges the messy plastic bottles and transports them to the bottle washing machine or filling machine in an orderly manner according to the specified direction. , Thereby reducing the labor intensity of workers, improving production efficiency, and at the same time avoiding secondary pollution caused by hand contact. At present, the production and development of domestic automatic bottle unscramblers are very rapid. The main features of bottle unscramblers currently on the market are as follows: compact and reasonable structure, simple appearance, convenient operation; high production efficiency, can continuously and automatically transfer bottles, bottles and bottles; to meet the needs of automation, without manual bottle feeding; bottle turning mechanism Match the length and shape of the bottle to ensure the continuous and rapid output of the bottle; after the completion of the conveying mechanism, the turning mechanism and the bottle body, the bottle enters the back process in an upright, compact and orderly manner. But with the continuous development of the industry, the current equipment performance is not enough. Bottle unscrambler, as a necessary equipment for medium and high-speed filling production lines, is developing rapidly with the rapid growth of China's packaging industry. Under such market demand growth, the high performance of automatic bottle unscramblers is expected to usher in a new round of market peak season.
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