Filling method and introduction of filling machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-16
Filling method and introduction of filling machine 2019-01-02 15:09 The filling method of filling machine is divided into vacuum type, pressurized type, and plunger type. The filling station has only that type and turntable type. Linear liquid filling machinery is currently popular filling machinery and equipment. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the production capacity of current filling machinery and equipment has been greatly improved. In order to meet the high demand of the market, most of the current production enterprises adopt the working mode of production line. For example, there are bottle unscramblers, filling machines, capping machines, and inkjet printers for the online and offline supporting equipment of liquid filling machinery. Linear filling machinery is a relatively high degree of automation equipment among filling machinery, suitable for use by some large manufacturers. The linear liquid filling machine is highly versatile and can meet the filling of various containers, such as round bottles, square bottles and other glass bottles, various plastic bottles, cups, aluminum cans, and so on. In order to make the filling machine meet the use of various liquids, the linear liquid filling machine produced by Niulan Beverage Packaging Machinery adopts a continuously variable speed device. The equipment automatically adjusts the filling speed according to the different materials, and can automatically complete the delivery, Unscramble bottles and fill. Linear liquid filling machinery mainly includes: bottle unscrambler, filling machine, conveyor belt, and sealing machine. Working principle: The bottles first enter the unscrambler tray through the bottle turning device. The unscrambler rotates the bottles to enter the conveyor belt track in a regular order, and then the empty bottles are transported by the conveyor belt to the center of the filling machine for filling. The liquid is filled After being loaded into the container, it is transported to the sealing machine by a conveyor belt for packaging. Suzhou Niulan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has absorbed advanced technology from Germany and Japan, and has produced high-quality small and medium-sized beverage production lines and complete sets of beverage machinery equipment for many years of beverage filling machinery production and technology accumulation.
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