High-end beverage machinery is the general trend

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-26
The high-end beverage machinery is the general trend 2017-02-04 08:46 Beverage is a common consumer product in people's daily life. The beverage industry has developed for decades, with increasing product categories and changing packaging. Young people are the main force in beverage consumption. Today, with more and more attention to quality of life, beverages have become a symbol of young people's personality and quality of life. From a long-term perspective, high-end, which represents 'Supreme' and 'Individualitymy country’s beverage machinery and equipment has evolved from relying on foreign imports in the early 1980s to fully meet the needs of domestic beverage manufacturers. It is on a road of introducing technology, digestion and absorption, independent innovation, and gradual localization. Compared with foreign advanced technology, my country's beverage processing still has the shortcomings and weaknesses of incomplete product specifications, poor complete sets, low automation and control levels, unstable stand-alone performance, and less advanced technology applications. Frequent international trade exchanges, foreign beverage machinery giants have poured into the Chinese market, and foreign companies' acquisition of Chinese companies is accelerating, all of which have made the weaknesses of domestic machinery companies more obvious. The current beverage machinery industry has begun to advance to the mid-to-high-end level, shifting from traditional workshop-style manufacturing to brand-based corporate design. Brand-name products are becoming more and more popular with new middle-class consumers. However, the narrowness of domestic development thinking makes the entire industrial chain unable to extend, and it is difficult to form a systematic and serialized development. The lack of brand awareness makes the domestic beverage machinery industry unable to give birth to famous brand enterprises and star products. It is expected that the beverage machinery market still has the potential for permanent development in the future. In addition, the development trend of beverage machinery is towards higher precision, higher quality and speed, and towards the development of large-scale beverage machinery assembly lines. Beverage machinery and equipment are becoming more and more large-scale, so as to adapt to the large-scale production of the beverage industry in order to obtain more Good economic benefits. The multi-function mechatronics of beverage machinery and multiple functions may gradually become an important trend in the development of beverage machinery in the future. To take the road of combining green and high efficiency, enterprises must first take a resource-saving road, change the development model, abandon the single extensive development model, and use high-end beverage machinery to improve product quality and corporate competitiveness. With the opening of the market and the accelerating process of my country's beverage machinery industry connecting with the world, high-end products will be the market heights for international competition, and beverage machinery products that integrate safety and technology will be the mainstream in the future. The development of high-end beverage machinery will enter the fast lane of development. This shows that high-end will be the only way for the development of my country's beverage machinery. In addition, we can see from the development direction of the beverage industry in the past two years that various food and beverage companies have set their sights on the high-end market when they are facing transformation and development, and some food companies have also tested the water in the high-end market. Insiders talk about it. The actions of food companies are undoubtedly the industry weather vane for food machinery and equipment companies.
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