How about the aluminum foil sealing machine disinfection and rinse

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-27
How about aluminum foil sealing machine disinfection and flush - 2019 04 - 18 09:07:05 1, because the aluminum foil sealing filling machine is a automatic machine, pad so easy pull a bottle, bottle, cap size were required to be unified. 2, you must turn the machine by shaking the handle before driving, check whether the rotation has a different shape, really beg the normal can drive again. 3, adjust the machine tool to use proper, it is forbidden to use too much tools or too hard to demolish parts to avoid damage to parts or affect machine performance. 4, when the machine is adjusted, must will loose screw tight good, turn the machine by shaking the handle look after its action is in accordance with the requirements, can drive a car. 5, the machine must be kept clean, machine oil, medicine is not zhangjiagang aluminum foil sealing liquid filling machine or glass beads, lest cause corrosion damage to the machine, it must: (1) the machine in the process of production, timely removal solution or glass beads. Machine parts of the surface shall be cleaned before 2 succession again, and in all departments and cleaning lubricating oil. (3) have thrown scrub once a week, especially in common use were not easy to wipe clean the place or with compressed air blowing off. Disinfection and flushing 1, unscrew the upper and lower set screw, bet for whole disinfection liquid system, or remove cleaning disinfection respectively. 2, put into the liquid pipe at boot cleaning cleaning fluid. Zhangjiagang burnon ABB motor 3, 500 ml model there may be errors in the actual filling, in a formal before filling with measuring cylinder volume so far. 4, aluminum foil sealing filler with needles, 10 with standard 5 ml or 10 ml syringe, 20 with 20 ml glass filling machine, the type 100 with 100 ml glass filling machine.
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